Storage Visions

The coming decade will see new storage architectures developing including home storage virtualization, cloud and remote storage as well as new models for mobile storage.

Join Marty Shindler as he moderates a discussion at this event, with a panel entitled Content Delivery Where Ever and When Ever starting at 2:30 PM on Wednesday January 5, 2011 during the 2011 Storage Visions Conference at the Riviera Hotel Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Find out about the latest trends in physical content distribution including optical and solid state approaches. Learn about how digital signage depends upon storage. Hear about technologies that promise to provide comprehensive and reliable network access to commercial and personal content. Can physical distribution compete against or live with content downloading?

Speakers include Cheng Li and Vivian Sultan, CSU-LA; Igor Vezmar, Ascent Media Group; Joe Zipperer, MOD Systems; Terence Swee, muvee; and James DePuydt, Imation. Additional panelists for the ensuing discussion include Anand Pai, MaxTier Systems and Thomas Isakovich, Nimbus Data Systems.

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