Second Screen Sunday

As noted on the Second Screen Sunday website, “Broadcast, sports and live entertainment are at the forefront of the second screen revolution,” says S3 executive director Guy Finley. “At our 2nd Screen Sunday event, creative and technology leaders in the second screen space will showcase how mainstream television is expanding the viewer experience to include complementary, and contextual, content to their personal devices and how it will forever change the way television and advertising are produced, delivered and experienced.”

Once again, Marty Shindler is moderating one of the panels at this exciting conference. It is entitled There’s an App for That…Or is There?

This panel is comprised of the following industry leaders and executives:

Tom Engdahl, Chief Executive Officer, Magic Ruby
Tracey Garvin, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Juan Reyes, Chief Technology Officer, BluFocus
Alex Terpstra, Chief Executive Officer, Civolution
D.P. Venkatesh, Chief Executive Officer, mPortal Inc

There are lots of issues to discuss on this compelling topic. Among them, as the cost to develop more engaging experiences increases, do networks and cable operators consolidate their brands or do they continue to focus on their content brands one app at a time? Do 3rd party apps lend themselves to a catalog-wide experience for consumers that is better than having to find one app at a time? Just what is the right strategy – is it a “special purpose” app or is it one that is “multi-function?”

Click here for a photo of the panel.

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