Pumping Big Data: Putting Data Where it Needs to Be

By all accounts, we are in an era of big data.  While not intended as a statement of the obvious, the challenge that it presents is growing as the world of anywhere, anytime pervades the market.  

A device of one’s choosing is still a key phrase, but 2015 will go down as the year that mobile access took a major leap forward, from commerce to video.  

As file sizes continue to grow and the number of users and files increase dramatically, moving content to be available wherever and whenever through the Internet becomes more difficult.

Cloud storage is the key, but challenges & rewards remain for getting content to where it is needed quickly and securely and in the required format, especially given the array of consumer electronic devices and screen sizes amidst several operating systems.

There are many opinions as to how the future of content transport will evolve. This includes what will occur with extensive installation of fiber by telcos, cablecos and Google, all with the promise of faster speeds.

There is also considerable discussion of how sales of spectrum will impact the growth as society becomes increasingly mobile.  2016 may be the year where mobile carriers extend their competitive data allotments even further.  

It may also be the year where cord cutting may mean more than millennials ditching their pay-TV packages.  It may signal the beginning of cutting the broadband cable, too, notwithstanding the fact that wired can still deliver a more stable and robust connection.

Major organizations such as Facebook and Google are also experimenting with balloons, drones and other methods to deploy into developing countries in order to extend the reach of the internet in those locales.

As 2016 opens, the foregoing will be just a few of the topics that will be discussed as the consumer electronics industry converges on Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show.   

On January 5, 2016 at the Storage Visions Conference at the Luxor Hotel, I will be moderating a discussion amongst other industry experts on these and several other related topics of import to the industry as we take a close look ahead, envisioning content transport into the future.

I hope to see you there.

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