The Business of Computer Animation

June 2004

The Business of Computer Animation

Since the release and high profile success of computer animated films starting with Toy Story and including such others as Antz , Monsters, Inc. , Finding Nemo , Shrek and most recently Shrek 2 , there has been significant interest around the world in studios, production companies, visual effects facilities and others wanting to get involved in this burgeoning industry segment.

The interest was very prevalent at last year’s Siggraph Conference and this year’s conference indicated even greater interest.

Financial success is not guaranteed for everyone wanting to produce their CG animated films. It is a competitive arena, indeed.

Recently, interviewed me on my perspective on the business side of computer animated films. The interview may be found at . I hope you enjoy it.

We provide professional services and a business perspective to creative, technology and emerging companies with an emphasis on the companies that comprise the value chain for production, post production, visual effects and distribution/exhibition. Visit our web site at to get an overview of the projects in which we have been involved, the companies with whom we have worked and our credentials.



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