Film Financing Rule #1 – Be Prepared

July 2006

Film Financing Rule #1 – Be Prepared

Be prepared. It’s not just the Scout motto. It is something that we all need to do in our respective businesses, no matter what our job function happens to be.

We are now mid way through our 11 th year of providing professional services as management consultants to a wide range of companies involved in creative and technology endeavors. During that time, with the many people that I have talked to formally and informally about their businesses, one of the recurring themes is being prepared.

Those that have known me for some time are familiar with the numerous articles on business and management topics that I have written. These articles have provided insight on specific matters to the many people with whom I have come in contact through the years. Most can be found in Published Work on our web site.

In anticipation of a forthcoming film financing seminar in which I expect to participate, the Digital Cinema Society asked me to write an article for their newsletter. The result is Film Financing Rule #1 – Be Prepared as it appears on our web site or in the Digital Cinema Society’s July 12, 2006 newsletter. It is available on the DCS site as a separate stand alone article as well.

Being prepared is not a new topic for us.

In one of my early articles in 1998, I struggled to determine the appropriate order for the 10 Steps To a More Profitable Company . I listed the many topics I was considering and worked to narrow it down to 10, then to prioritize the 10 in some logical fashion.

It was not easy, but in the end, I decided that understand what it takes to get the job done was clearly the one to choose for first position. The list of ideas that I had at that time was enough for a second article entitled The Seven Steps Beyond . It should not surprise you that these are both found on the articles of a Timeless nature page at

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Check out Film Financing Rule #1 – Be Prepared at , and be sure to visit the DCS site as well.

As always, if we may be of assistance to you in your business endeavors, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Marty Shindler


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