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Continuing the tradition, Marty Shindler will once again be moderating discussion of important industry topics at Digital Hollywood Spring 2014.
Both panels were held Tuesday, May 6, 2014 at the Ritz Marina del Rey, California.

The first at 7:45 AM is:

The Future of TV: From Primetime to Multi Platforms: Wall Street Analysts Meet Entertainment Executives.
The future of TV is not just about the technology that is in place today and that which is on the horizon.

The future of TV involves deep insight into both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of content production and distribution and the impact that the technology may have on the many competitive and high stakes business models in place today and anticipated for tomorrow, shaped in part by the myriad of devices and content vying for our attention.

Also fundamental to the future vision of this important medium is how consumer behavior will impact the medium, i.e. what customers want, are willing to pay for and now much.

Analysts by definition work at the intersection of business and technology and regularly monitor the many metrics that form the foundation.

Our distinguished group of analysts will discuss, debate and even challenge some of the basic premises that are important as we look to the future of TV in an informative and engaging panel.

Panelists include:

Tom Adams, Senior Principal Analyst, US Media, IHS Screen Digest
Greg Ireland, Research Manager, Consumer Markets: Video, IDC
Cindy MacKenzie, Managing Director, Entertainment, Media and Communications, US, PwC (PriceWaterhouseCoopers)
Dounia Turrill Senior Vice President, Client Insights, The Nielsen Company
See the photo of the panel.

The second panel is at 10:45 AM and is:

Hollywood Strategies – The Multi-Platform Brand – Video, TV & Mobile – 1st Screen, 2nd Screen, 3rd Screen – the 360 Degree

A fundamental strategy of all Hollywood originated content in the world of 2014 is multi-platform distribution. In some cases, the productions, movies and TV shows are released in a linear, windows fashion, and others have simultaneous release schedules.

In all cases the studios and broadcasters seek to exploit the content to the widest possible audience across a wide array of devices, content formats and delivery technologies for the longest time possible on a global level.

Our distinguished panel is uniquely qualified to provide deep insight into the many strategies and tactics that form the basis for content development decisions and in turn release schedules, 1st and 2nd screen technologies and other related methodologies and technologies. We’ll look at how those strategies have evolved in recent years and will also take a close look at how those will impact content of all kinds into the future.

Panelists include:

Eric Bee, Product/Lead Producer, Chaotic Moon Studios

Barry Sandrew, PhD, CEO, Legend 3D, Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean, Green Hornet

Blair Westlake, Principal, Mediasquareup

Nicole Prentice Williams, Founder and Chief Media Strategist, Prentice Williams Media (Two-time Emmy Winner)
Evan Young, Senior Director, Product Marketing, TiVo Inc.

See the photo of the panel.

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