Digital Cinema—Reality ’05??

June 2005

Digital Cinema—Reality ’05??

The Digital Cinema Society, of which I am a member of the Advisory Board, recently asked me to share my perspective on digital cinema for their May 2005 newsletter.

The article was well received and, as such, I wanted to share the article with you.

There are a number of drivers that will help to make digital cinema a reality in 2005 or shortly thereafter. These include 2K projectors, and several 4K projectors that are way beyond the prototype stage, and cost savings for studios, as they will no longer need to spend as much money on film prints.

Another important driver that will have a positive impact is the forthcoming wave of 3D stereoscopic films. Among them is the recent release of The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3D by Robert Rodriguez, his second 3D film. Regardless of how the film performs at the box office this weekend and in coming weeks, its release is significant for the growth of 3D.

The article is available in HTML of PDF on our web site at .

The Digital Cinema Society is a non profit corporation dedicated to educating and informing the entertainment industry about digital motion picture production, post, delivery and exhibition. Check out the Digital Cinema Society web site as well as the article on their site .

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Marty Shindler

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